My favourite place is Onetangi and here is why!!

We have had our beach house in Onetangi since I was 5 and I love it so much. I have lots of friends that we hang out with every day. We also have a sealegs (a boat with wheels) that I love to fish and banana boat on. My dad always tries to flip me off but I hold on really tights so he can't!! On Wahike they have the best foods/restrons that we eat at, Charlie Farleys is right by our house so we eat there quite often. My Mum and Dad got married at Mud brick so we go their once a year and it is delicious totally recomend #notsponsored!!

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A few places I have been

I have been to some amazing places and I am so greatful for that. I have gone to America/Disney land when I was in year 5 and loved the place so much America is such an popular place for lots of people to go because their is so much to do there. Last year I was lucky anoth to go to Vietnam and sleep on a boat in Harlong bay, all the people are so nice and friendly to us it also has great beaches to relax on when you are not exploring the great place. This year in July we are going to Bail again which I am so excited for. Bail also has amazing food to eat.